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Tips for power bank:

1. Most power bank will use lithium-ion battery as the containers for storing energy. According to the chemical properties of lithium-ions, new power bank product will be put into use after 3 times of fully charge and fully discharge to reach the maximum storage effect.

2. Power Bank for charging the mobile phone is a kind of energy conversion process. During the charging process, there will be a part of the electrical energy consumed by heat loss way, so in the charging process, as long as the fever does not exceed 60 degrees are normal.

3. Since the charging process is also a kind of energy conversion process. So there will be a conversion rate when the power bank charge the mobile phone. The effective capacity of mobile phone charging depends on the conversion efficiency of power bank and the charging efficiency of mobile phone.

4. Power bank battery has a certain cycle life, each time charging will shorten its service life, please do not plug and charge frequently.

5. When charging mobile phone, the phone will consume power in standby mode, especially when the surrounding telephone network signal is not good(lost more power). so please promptly disconnect the power bank from your mobile phone, when the charging has been finished.

Three guarantees service:

To protect your rights, please pay attention to the following information! To purchase VIP-TEK products, to obtain guaranteed maintenance, replacement and return rights (referred to as the " three guarantees "), please:

1. When purchasing, ask for effective purchase invoice or purchase accessory invoice (if purchased separately) and keep it carefully. The effective purchase invoice means: the invoice shows the model number, batch number, purchase date, quantity and seller's seal.

2. Effective warranty card and invoice are the basic guarantee for implementing "Three Guarantees".

3. Warranty time: 1 year.

Three guarantees service Includes:

Power bank does not work properly

Charger does not work properly and the product cannot be charged with the designated charger

The battery is still not working properly after charging (the battery capacity is no less than 80%)

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